In order to provide you with different reports on online meetings/classes, B12 Edu App will request your consent on the following permissions:

These permissions are used to store information about assignments, submissions and grades.

  • Read users' class assignments and their grades
  • Read class assignments with grades
  • Read class assignments with grades

These permissions are used to build a repository for teams, channels and their members.

  • Get a list of all teams
  • Read the names and descriptions of all channels
  • Read the members of all channels

This permission is given by default but currently not in use by B12 Edu App

  • Sign in and read user profile: Read signed in user profile

B12 Edu App uses these permissions in order to:

  1. Read users in Azure Active Directory 
  2. Read groups in Azure Active Directory (B12 Edu App will only store data for groups that are associated with teams in MS Teams)
  3. Create a user for B12 Edu App in the tenant
  4. Add the B12 Edu App user to the teams in the tenant
  • Read and write all users' full profiles
  • Read and write all groups
  • Read all groups

B12 Edu App uses these permissions in order to reach the educational hierarchies (classes mainly). The app also reads the roles, role members and domains of the tenant

  • Read the organization's roster
  • Read directory data

The B12 Edu App reads the calendars of users and teams and the call records in order to calculate attendance percentages and provide the relevant reports. Please note B12 Edu App does not access call recordings or store any conversation in the call.

  • Read calendars in all mailboxes
  • Read all call records